Interior refits

Yacht headlining replacement

Interior refits can be extensive because of the high level of attention to detail that is required. Yacht services have had a lot of experience covering small refurbishments to total refits. Where possible we can remove items of furniture to restore in our workshops. As a result, this allows us to re fabricate surfaces and finish them to the highest standards to match the interior.

So below are some examples..

  • We can replace veneer.
  • We can use resin to pour new super glossy surfaces.
  • Design and install new bathroom and toilet systems.
  • Replace headlining panels and fit low energy consuming LED lights.
  • Fit new overhead hatches with new surrounds and bug screens.
  • Interior layout remodeling supported with diagrams.
  • Installation of new appliances like fridges and freezers.
  • MCA compliant equipment changes, including replacing fabrics with fire proof materials.

Some tasks, for instance rebuilding or resurfacing furniture and fixed floors must be completed on site.

Please contact us below to discuss your interior refits.

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