Marine surveys

tonnage survey

Marine surveys for yacht owners, buyers, insurance companies and finance companies. Also MCA code of practice surveys and tonnage measurement for British flagged vessels.

Below are some of the types of marine surveys available.

Pre-purchase surveys

  • Full Condition (pre-purchase) Surveys. Recommended if you are buying a new yacht or having your yacht returned by a charter company for example the end of a contract. This is a detailed survey that will identify the yacht defects and give recommendations for repair.
  • Appraisal Survey – Maybe you are not sure if you want to commit to buying the yacht. This is an economical way of evaluating a yacht and will help you decide if it is suitable. Once the yacht is selected a full condition Survey is recommended.
  • Ultrasound Surveys resulting in a detailed mapping of the hull substrate thickness for steel and aluminum yachts.

Commercial surveys

  • Insurance; condition, valuation or rig survey As required by insurance companies with change of ownership . Or when your yacht reaches a certain age.
  • Damage Surveys, these are often carried out for insurance companies. They detail damage and include recommendations for repair with estimates of repair costs.
  • Yacht registration for British flag vessels; tonnage measurements for registering your yacht. commercially.
  • MCA SCV2 code of practice inspection. This inspection is carried out through one of the certifying authorities of the MCA and is a requirement for all UK registered charter yachts.
  • Valuation Survey – This is often a requirement for finance companies if money is being borrowed to purchase the yacht. Generally a walk-through inspection to get a good impression of the general condition of the yacht. The value that is given is my opinion of the fair market value.

Marine surveys for owners

  • Machinery and Systems Survey. Involving checking the equipment onboard and performance of the engine. This will include a sea trial.
  • Rig Surveys which should be carried out routinely and are a must before any extended passages.
  • Hull survey for Osmosis. If you think you have Osmosis (gelcoat blistering below the waterline) the survey involves removing the surface of some of the blisters and taking hull moisture meter readings.

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