Teak deck restoration

Teak deck restoration

Teak deck restoration is more economical than a new deck. Also you can significantly extend the life of your deck if you renovate it. This is because you need to avoid sanding as much as possible. Sanding reduced valuable material until eventually you have no more deck left. In the past, acid cleaners have been popular but they can damage surrounding hatches if not used with care. Another consideration is the age of the sealer fillets. This will degrade over time with sunlight and aggressive sealers. With careful preparation they can be removed and re caulked.

Below are some things to consider with your teak deck restoration.

  • Complete renovation including replacement of caulking, a light sand and a three step seal.
  • Templates can be made to have new synthetic panels made off site. Cork is a popular sustainable option.
  • Embrace silver teak. The natural oxidization that occurs when a teak deck goes silver is one of the best natural solutions requiring zero maintenance!

We would like to finish by saying that it is possible to significantly extend the life of your deck with a regular maintenance schedule.

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