Technical installations


Technical installations covers any new installation instead of a renovation or service. As all yacht owners know, replacing equipment is never a simple process. Usually because what you are replacing is obsolete or broken and what is now available on the market is rarely a direct swap. This means that new installations involve a lot of research to assess compatibility. Once this is worked out you then have to consider the physical installation. For example do new fascias or mounting beds need to be made? What would be the cable or pipe run?

These are all questions that we are used to answering and fulfilling.

Below is some of the technical installations that we have done.

  • Complete new navigation systems. Including auto pilot installations.
  • Water makers.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Refrigeration.
  • White, grey and black water installations.
  • MCA compliant equipment changes.

We are Oyster yachts and Privilege catamaran specialists.

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